ICC cricket world cup T20

Cricket lovers had to wait for a considerable period of time for the ICC cricket world cup T20 to emerge. Originally the T-20 cricket tournament was meant to replace the Champions trophy but it would return back to the original cycle of 2 years. From 2025 the champions trophy is also expected to make a return.

You can argue that T 20 may turn out to be overkill, but one thing is for sure it goes on to provide a lot of opportunities for the associate nations. In 2024 the world cup is expanding to 24 nations with a well-articulated structure. There is a rampant view that the first round will be scrapped as it would be better for the global ambitions related to cricket. Keeping all these things in mind, there are a few players whose performance may grab all the attention.

Gerhard Erasmus from Namibia (Age -27 years)

Rated to be among the gifted cricketers in associate cricket, the captain of Namibia is known to have all the necessary shorts in the book. Since assuming captaincy in the year 2019, his averages have shot up in T-20 and one-day cricket. He is a mere 27 years and has been around with the national team for 12 + years. He was picked as a 16-year-old guy in the year 2011.

In the last few years, he has gone on to suffer freakish injuries to his hand a couple of times. The best part is that the injuries have not gone on to have any impact on his batting. Currently, the team has put in a notable performance by winning 1 and losing the second game. But the real test would be the game against UAE that will ensure a smooth passage to the qualifying round of the main world cup.

David Wiese from Namibia (Age- 37 years)

There are hardly a few players who have gone on to make an impact on a cricket team, and David Wiese stands top of the list. He falls into the category of having represented two countries at the world cup. In the last year, in T 20 world cup his hitting and death bowling was the main reason why Namibia qualified for the second round.

He possesses a wealth of experience and is one of the sought-out players in franchise cricket. He enters the world cup after outstanding CPL performances with St Lucia. Along with the top players in the Namibian team, he is expected to play an important role. His career is about to reach a fag end and obviously, he would want to finish on a high when it comes to T-20 cricket.

Bas De Leede- Netherlands (22 years)

Since his senior debut at the age of 18 years, this player is designed for bigger things. Ever since his debut, he has been able to put all those expectations into reality. The skills in batting along with bowling have been nothing short of outstanding, and well who can forget the exceptional fielding skills that he goes on to possess?

It is not only about batting skills. He has gone on to chip in handy contributions with the ball in hand. Such performances have gone on to make a vital cog in the wheel as far as the Netherlands team is concerned. It is really impressive for someone who has been a minor and on the fringes of the national team for a long period of time. Though the Dutch team lost a few games, it could be due to the fact that a lot of players missed out on injuries.

Scot Edwards- Netherland (26 years)

Ever since the retirement of the regular captain, he has done a great job as a wicket-keeper batsman. His captaincy skills have been spotted, and the added responsibility has gone on to bring the best out of this player. It is a real credit to a player who only went on to become a professional in 2018. A lot of hard work has gone into becoming the first-choice wicketkeeper for the national team. The coach Ryan Campbell has a major role to play in the emergence of this cricketing player. In this year’s world cup, he would be looking to replicate the form. Though he was born in Australia he moved over to Netherlands at a young age.

Hamza Tahir and Mark Watt – Scotland (Age- 26 years)

In the leading up to the world cup, Scottish cricket had its fair share of discrimination. With the international world cup around the corner. Scottish cricket is expected to rake in quality performances

Both the bowlers would be handling the spin department. In fact, they are termed as the spin twins due to their familiar bowling styles and both their records are identical when it comes to white ball cricket. Though Scotland has not played a lot of T 20 cricket in the last year or so but their bowling partnership with the various associate nations has drawn in a lot of attention in the last year or so. You may expect the combination to continue in the leading event to the world cup.

Vriitya Anand from UAE (20 years)

This young wicket keeper from UAE was solely responsibly for take the country to the next stages of the world cup events. His batting went on to draw the attention of the experts and it was the eventual difference between elimination and qualification in the world cup. He is the classical investment related to the youth program of the UAE cricket team. Recently he has been given the responsibility of being the vice- captain and he has gone on to take it like fish to water.

Though it is a matter of another fact that his performances were not up to the mark in the first couple of games in this world cup.


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