India is an electronic goods manufacturing hotspot. Shipping and exporting electronic goods from India to different countries is now easier than ever due to the growth of E-Commerce sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal.

If you want to export electronic items outside India, we have shared a few pointers in this blog to get you started on exporting from India.

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How to Export Consumer Electronics from India?

  1. Determine the Items You Wish to Export

The first stage in shipping electronic goods from India is determining what items to export. Popular electronic items in India range from mobile devices and laptop computers to freezers and laundry machines. Once you have chosen the items you are interested in exporting, you must determine whether there is a demand for these items in the region where you intend to ship them.

  1. Look Into the Rules and Regulations

Before shipping any item, it is essential to research the legislation of the nation to which you intend to export, including the knowledge of possible import tariffs, taxes, or restrictions that may apply to your selling item. Check to see whether there are any customs limitations on the device, as a few countries may have limits on specific types of gadgets.

  1. Obtain All Required Licences and Permits

You must first secure the relevant licences and permits to export electronic goods from India, including obtaining an export licence through the Office of the Director General for Foreign Trade. Additional authorisations include getting approval on your intended location to import from.

  1. Choose a Dependable E-Commerce Platform

After you have found the things you are interested in exporting and received the required licences and permissions, the next phase is to choose a trustworthy E-Commerce site from which to ship items. Some of India’s largest and most prominent E-Commerce sites, such as eBay, Flipkart, and Amazon, can help you with your initiatives.

  1. Create Your Seller Account

To begin marketing on an online marketplace, you must understand cross-border shipping and establish a seller account, including creating an account, entering your company details, and configuring the billing and delivery options. Also, establish a product page for the items you wish to sell, including product descriptions, photos, and prices.

  1. Improve Your Item Listings

Optimise the listings of your goods for search engines to make them more appealing to customers, such as including images of your items’ excellent quality and using appropriate keywords for the product descriptions and titles. You should also ensure that your prices remain competitive and that you provide free delivery and additional perks to entice buyers.

  1. Keep Track of Your Stocks

Some of the most significant components of marketing over a platform for E-Commerce is having control over your inventory. Keep an eye on the amount of stock and update the listings for your products as soon as an item sells out. You should also ensure sufficient inventory to match demand, particularly during peak times like holidays.

  1. Ship Your Goods

After receiving orders, you must export from India and deliver the items to customers. You should work with an established shipping company and offer tracking details for your customers. To avoid loss while shipping, ensure to wrap your goods correctly.

  1. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

It is critical to give exceptional customer service to establish a loyal consumer base, quickly reacting to customer inquiries and complaints and giving reimbursements or substitutes for broken goods. You should also request customer input to enhance your goods and services.

  1. Broaden Your Horizons

Finally, to broaden your exposure, you need to look for possibilities to expand into new markets, introduce new items, and promote your goods via online platforms and other methods. You should also monitor your competition and alter your price and marketing strategy.


Shipping electronic goods from India via online marketplaces can be profitable, but it takes careful preparation and attention to detail. 

A few crucial points to remember include:

  • Creating lucrative product niches
  • Facilitating compliance with regulations
  • Developing a solid brand identity
  • Offering great customer service


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