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Instant cameras came like a wave from the past and hit the market like no other. But why is it so popular even when we have mobile phones now, giving us surreal stored memories forever? Well, for the simple reason that humans like to evolve. The irony is that the classic click, shutter buttons, and sound of an instant camera actually remind us of the charming vintage era of the 70s and 80s. How impressively, the instant camera hype blended into our modern world because it offered us some pretty and unique experiences that we only knew from the stories in the past. Or how gorgeously the pictures slithered out in a fraction of a second, giving us the joy of live experience! 

We know you are here because you have been captivated by one, too. So before you plunge into buying one, ensure you make no mistakes, whether it’s using the right film, battery life, picture quality, or style. Dive in to understand some key considerations before bringing your first camera home. 

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for the Instant Camera? 

By now, you already know the striking varieties of instant cameras available with exceptional features and styles. Mostly, they all function the same, with slight differences in quality and size, and most importantly, the films! Let’s discuss them all here in detail: 

  • Battery Life

The battery life of your instant camera is actually the King of all features. Jokes apart! Well, it’s no fun if you lose battery every 20 minutes, hampering your perfect shots or spoiling moments. Therefore, choose an instant camera with good battery life, at least 100-200 prints, and 60 minutes of continuous use. While most instant cameras do come with decent batteries since they do not have power-draining features like luminous displays, they may vary depending upon the type of model or size you choose; some modern cameras are also charged through USB, while others might need their batteries to be changed. 

  • Remote Functionality

How about mixing modern concepts with vintage charms? Remote functionality of instant cameras means just that! It lets you connect your phone through the camera and allows you to use the different advantages and features of the phone in your live pictures. You can apply features like – timers, filters, portrait mode, and many more. Therefore, you can click your group selfies and fun pictures through its remote control features without having to press the shutter button! So, if you think you would enjoy this feature, you may need to keep this in mind while buying one. 

  • Photo Style and Quality

If you have not known it yet, then here is the info: instant cameras are available with different styles of photos irrespective of the condition and scenarios in which they are captured, such as landscapes,  portraits, or simply random moments. They might have different shades and colours, a vintage feel, or a dreamy vibe, depending upon the photo styles the camera offers. At the same time, most instant cameras are known for giving clear white shots and accurate colour every time. You must refer to and search a sample gallery of the different instant cameras and make a preferred choice. 

  • Film Choice

Every instant camera accepts different types of films, varying in colours, borders, quality, and shape. For example, some instant cameras usually offer mini-films, the size of a credit card, that you can slide into your wallet for memory’s sake. Moreover, many instant cameras also offer films with borders that have different colours and patterns, like gradient tones, rainbow textures, and many more. Your photo quality will also depend on the camera you choose since they have various exposure settings and balance.

Bait The Hook With The Right Choice!

If you are ready to embark on an exciting road trip, a wholesome outing with family, or a memorable farewell party, the mini instant camera or mini printer can be an ideal partner for taking you down memory lane. 

Invest your time and cash in the right model. Read through online reviews and consider the personal feedback of people around you who have already bought the same. Choose wisely, and have fun with your new instant experience!


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