Are you adding more people to your office? Do you want to replace your damaged desk? Are you transitioning into a work-from-home set-up? Are you transferring office and considering purchasing new desks? Here’s the ultimate guide that will help you buy the best office desks.

Consider your activity.

How will you be using the desks? Do you deal with lots of paperwork or frequently make drawings and drafts? A desk with drawers or a wide working area might be good.

If you’re going to do computer tasks only with a desktop or laptop, a computer desk might be more suited for you as they often come with electrical portals and built-in chargers.

Consider your space.

Choose where would you want to position your office desks and make sure to measure the dimensions. For example, a corner desk for a small office area might be a good idea as it allows you to save up more space while having enough working area.

You might still opt for a writing desk if the available space is really small. You could add storage shelves later on. But if your area is wider than usual, a long straight desk might be a good idea as it offers a good deal of working space.

Consider the number of occupants.

If two or more people will use the desk, consider purchasing a workstation. Workstations are a popular choice in office set-ups with many occupants. They conserve the space in your office and could house 2-6 occupants while giving enough room to work.

Consider your movement.

Take note of the desk height you want. Ensure good clearance for your legs to enable stretching from time to time. If using computers, take note that they should be at a comfortable height, and your arms and hands should be comfortable working with the keyboard or mouse.

Consider if you need to swivel to different monitors. For example, an L-shaped or U-shaped desk might be a wise choice since they allow you to easily move or access your file within your arm’s reach and a simple chair swivel.

You might also want to consider a standing desk with adjustable height. This is common in busy offices because it allows you to work on your table even when standing. In addition, it means you could stretch your back while still working. You could also choose between manual and electrical adjustment options.

Consider if you need storage.

Suppose you are dealing with lots of paperwork that may require storage. Depending on the space available, a credenza or a corner workstation with plenty of storage might be wise. However, note that storage is not a bottleneck when choosing your desks if it already seems complicated because you could always add them later on.

Consider the desk’s materials and visuals.

Choose a colour that would match the theme or visuals of your office or surrounding. Remember that your desk also acts as decor.

Also, take note of the desk’s durability and craftsmanship. Check what the desks are made of. Determine whether it could stand the weight it would carry later on. For durability, you could opt for tables with steel frames and laminated wood or hardwood surfaces.

In the end, always ensure that you can cover important considerations when buying your desk. There are many kinds of desks with different styles that could complement your work technique and environment. The most important thing is it should be able to help with your productivity and comfort.

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