IB program

Children and parents who want to create a sturdy academic record to be eligible to apply for colleges often focus on choosing a supportive curriculum plan. They wish to go with the option that gives them the freedom to choose what subjects they want to study to improve their score and complete schooling with flying colours. 

One of the most preferred options amongst parents is the IB program. In the international baccalaureate program, classes 11 and 12 combine and turn into a two-year diploma with the subjects of your choice. Other than this, there is an option for other academic programs, including APs. Let us see the difference between the two and try to understand which one is better.

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Difference between IB and APs


One of the significant differences between these two curriculum options is their availability. You will find more schools offering an IB curriculum. However, the options with AP courses are comparatively fewer. The reason behind this is the increased inclination towards IB and its higher demand. Top primary schools definitely want to offer what the parents want, which results in an increased number of IB schools. 

Credibility and College Accreditation

IB holds better credibility and market reputation over the AP curriculum. Though almost every university recognizes both programs, the value of the IB program is higher than AP. Moreover, the students completing their schooling with IB are better prepared for future challenges and have a better awareness of the global competition. Thus, IB always has the edge over other curriculum options. 

Coursework Challenges

IB requires students to attend the classes, complete coursework, and sit for the exams. It is a process, and no student can sit in the final exams without completing the course. On the other hand, the AP program allows students to take the exam directly without attending any class. So, students can go for homeschooling, self-study, or home tutoring programs and skip the classroom sessions altogether. 


IB can get a little more expensive than AP as there is a need to attend regular school, complete coursework, and go through elaborate schooling. However, if you dig deeper and consider the perks offered by a school, you will know that it is worth it! On the other hand, AP might help you save some money, but you will also not be able to build necessary skills like decision-making and self-reliance in your child. Thus, IB would be better than AP, even if it comes at a higher price.

There are numerous differences between these two curriculum options, depending on the parents or their vision of which one they want to choose. However, if the only aim is to provide quality education and improve the grades, IB is an ideal option. 

To enjoy the perks offered by this program, you need to choose a renowned school. Check its website thoroughly to verify all the school’s facilities and amenities. Furthermore, you should check the market credibility of the school, ensuring they have an excellent reputation in the market. Choose the best school offering an IB curriculum, and you can rest assured that your child will have a fruitful future.


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