Having been around for a while, Alluxa is a company that has a lot to offer its employees. They have great salary ranges, working conditions, and training opportunities, which makes it a great company to work for. The following article will tell you more about Alluxa and what to expect if you decide to join the company.

Salary ranges

Among its various offerings, Alluxa is a provider of thin film coatings. The company also distributes OEM filters for the life science industry. In terms of its salary, the company pays its employees a median rate of $272 per hour. However, pay rates can vary by job, location, and education.

The company’s HQ is located in Santa Rosa, CA. The company also has offices across the United States. Despite its modest size, Alluxa is a reputable name in the optical filter industry, a growing niche within the semiconductor industry. The company’s main claim to fame is its high-quality thin film coatings. In addition to its product offerings, the company offers a number of training programs for its employees. Lastly, the company’s most generous employee benefit program is its retirement plan.

Company culture

Founded in 2007, Alluxa is a company that manufactures high-performance optical coatings for the defense and life sciences industries. Their main product is an optical filter used in the testing of driverless cars. This filter is able to detect laser light, which is then used to map a three-dimensional area around a car. The company has also expanded into the semiconductor and defense industries. They are targeting sales of $50 million in the near future.

Alluxa’s employees come from a variety of industries, including the telecommunications and semiconductor industries. Earlier in their careers, they realized that there was a lot of promise in developing an optical filter. They were able to attract some of the best in their field, and launched other ventures.

Working conditions

Getting a job at Alluxa means you will be joining an established company that is known for making thin film coatings, which is a good thing. The company’s products include edge filters, notch filters, dichroic mirrors, custom job coatings and multiband filters. The Alluxa team is made up of experts in the optics industry with varied backgrounds.

The company is located in SANTA ROSA, California. The average salary of employees is $566,596. This figure can be broken down into two parts, which are the annual base pay and the average bonus. The pay scale is determined by the number of years an employee has been employed, the experience and education of the employee, and the location of the employee. The salary range is a fairly wide one, with the lowest pay being $499,454 and the highest being $647,211.

Training opportunities

Optical coatings manufacturer Alluxa offers a variety of thin film coatings, high performance optical filters, and OEM filters for the life science and semiconductor industries. The company has been in business since 2007 and operates out of Santa Rosa, California. The company’s core team includes people with diverse backgrounds in the thin film deposition industry. They have an average of 20 years of experience in the optical industry, and have developed a strong relationship with their customers. Currently, the company has two locations in California, and they serve customers across the globe.

Alluxa is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. They have a specialized technology platform that allows them to develop products that meet the toughest of customer specifications. Alluxa has state of the art equipment and processes, and is able to deliver filters to their customers that are unmatched by their competitors.


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