Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments involve extracting any infected pulp from within your tooth to preserve its structure and relieve any associated abscess pain.

Root canal treatment was once one of the most painful procedures in dentistry; but today with improved anesthetics it can often be completed in just one or two visits without experiencing any significant pain.

Save Your Natural Tooth

A tooth is composed of two parts: its crown and its root. The crown consists of enamel, dentin, pulpal tissue and its surrounding cementum and dentin layers; while its root contains cementum and dentin layers with canals filled with pulpal tissue. A root canal treatment can save an infected tooth due to cavities or injuries by eliminating bacteria, infected nerve tissue fragments left from nerve breakdown, organic debris left from this breakdown process as well as any potential toxins within its inner aspects (the area originally inhabited by nerve tissue) while then sealing them off permanently.

Procedures may be uncomfortable, but any discomfort should diminish within a few days. Over-the-counter pain relievers may help relieve inflammation and discomfort in the meantime. In order to protect the affected tooth further, take extra caution in biting down on it and consuming hard foods until a full dental restoration has been installed.

Floss Dental provides pain-free root canal treatments for its clients and has over 10 years of experience performing both simple and complex dental procedures.

If you suspect you require a root canal, the best way to know for sure is to visit a dentist as soon as symptoms appear. Signs that could signal you require one include prolonged pain or pressure in a tooth, extreme sensitivity or discoloration of an enamel surface and discolored areas near the roots.

Floss Dental’s services span from root canal treatment and gum surgery, dental implants and more. Their two locations in Noida are known for their friendly staff and premium treatment options, while their advanced equipment makes for optimal outcomes when solving various dental issues.

Relieve Tooth Pain

Root canal treatment may be your best choice if your tooth has been severely damaged. This procedure removes infected pulp while maintaining its natural structure – also ideal for trauma or injury cases.

Pulp infection symptoms include pain when chewing or biting, as well as an intolerance for hot or cold food. A root canal treatment can alleviate these symptoms and enable you to resume normal life activities.

Root Canal Treatment involves extracting infected or inflamed pulp from inside of the teeth and cleaning, sanitising and filling out any spaces left by its removal. A dental crown will then be attached for support and protection.

Anesthesia will wear off within a few hours, so it’s wise to wait before eating solid food. Initiate slowly by starting with soft foods like pastas, mashed potatoes and yogurt for several days; gradually introduce solids as your comfort levels improve.

Your teeth should still be cleaned regularly, but until your recovery has fully taken effect it’s wise to avoid biting down on the affected area until fully recovered as this could break or crack your tooth. Furthermore, hard candies or other hard objects should be avoided as this could further damage them and your tooth.

A root canal procedure begins by using local anesthetic to numb the affected tooth, followed by drilling into it to access its pulp chamber and canals, where they’ll remove infected pulp as well as clean, widen, and shape canals before filling and sealing it to protect it from further infections in future. Finally, they’ll place a crown to cover and protect their work in future.

Floss Dental in Noida specializes in root canal therapy with their team of highly qualified endodontists having over 10 years’ experience treating all forms of dental issues. Offering state-of-the-art equipment at competitive prices and offering services at reasonable costs; their team also specialises in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Root canal treatment can save the affected tooth from loss by eliminating infection immediately and eliminating pain, swelling, and bad taste caused by bacteria entering its interior parts. By clearing away bacteria, damaged nerve tissue, organic debris and harmful substances that reside within a tooth’s inner aspects and cleaning and sealing off this space, this simple procedure serves to save lives – almost like having regular filling done!

As part of any root canal procedure, the initial step involves numbing the affected tooth. A dentist then places a protective sheet called a dental dam over it in order to keep saliva away during treatment. After the tooth is numb, a hole is drilled through to access its interior aspect where bacteria, damaged nerve tissue and other organic debris can be extracted with special files before cleaning with water or sodium hypochlorite and treating infected areas with sterile cement-like substances.

Patients in the healing phase are advised to follow proper oral hygiene and consume soft foods; additionally, they should avoid chewing or biting the treated tooth until it has fully recovered. Root canal treatments usually last long-term; however it would be prudent to visit an endodontist should the damaged root be more extensive than expected.

Floss Dental in Noida is a high-end dental clinic with an experienced team of dentists, dedicated to offering quality dental care at reasonable prices. Every day they work hard to improve their services for patients – providing laser dentistry, root canal treatment and implants among many other procedures – as well as educate patients properly so that they take proper care in taking good care of their teeth to avoid disease formation. With such a large clientele base in their locality and competitive rates for treatment such as teeth whitening and cosmetic surgery procedures available Floss Dental has made them an attractive offering in Noida!

Save Time and Money

Floss Dental stands out as an innovative clinic that provides comprehensive dental treatment services. Their doctors are highly skilled and can quickly detect and address any type of dental issue, while the best dentist in Noida at Floss Dental can perform root canal treatment within one visit, saving both time and effort for their patients.

Root canal therapy can be the ideal way to save a damaged tooth and stop further decay, but only when performed by an experienced endodontist. Once an anesthesiologist numbs the affected area with medication, small instruments will gain access to gain entry. Once inside, bacteria, toxins, nerve tissue debris will be cleaned away before filling and sealing off the affected tooth.

Root canal treatment doesn’t have to be painful! Traditional procedures would involve multiple sessions; thanks to modern dentistry, dentists are now able to complete root canal procedures in just one visit! However, you will need to visit regularly for checkups and cleanings for optimal health.

Once your tooth is treated, taking good care can be accomplished through following some straightforward rules. These include avoiding hard or crunchy foods while also refraining from activities that require excessive pressure on it. Also be sure to make an appointment as soon as you finish with root canal therapy to have a permanent crown placed.

Root canal treatment in Noida used to be an arduous and painful experience that required multiple trips to the dentist, but with modern dentistry techniques and improved pain management, root canals are no longer as scary or extensive. If you are experiencing severe toothache or cracking/infected teeth, consider getting root canal therapy from Floss Dental who have an excellent endodontist on staff who can restore your healthy smile!


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