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Hawkfish, Voto Latino, and Joe Mayschleifer – Hedge Fund Investments

Founder Joe Mayschleifer explains how his company, Hawkfish, became a Hedge Fund investment. He also talks about his business background and his partnership with Voto Latino.

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During the last election cycle, the Hawkfish data and tech firm was a secretive ad agency aided by former mayor Mike Bloomberg. Its main purpose was to help the former New York City mayor’s bid for president. Among other things, Hawkfish was responsible for the best media performance for a campaign in history.

The company’s top executives are a who’s who of Silicon Valley. Among them are former Facebook Chief Marketing Officer Gary Briggs and former Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck. They are also joined by a team of old school Silicon Valley hands. In the end, the company made the move from New York City to Silicon Valley. It was purchased by Google for an undisclosed sum.

The Hawkfish data and tech firm is a prime candidate to be the first of many major Democratic players to succumb to the onslaught of the Donald Trump administration. Its digital infrastructure is a beast of its own. It has partnered with a wide variety of progressive organizations ranging from the philanthropic League of Conservation Voters to the climate change activist M.J. Hegar to help him fend off a Senate challenge from John Cornyn.

Business background

During the course of his failed presidential bid, Mike Bloomberg invested tens of millions of dollars into an advisory firm that he named Hawkfish. It is a digital media firm that will provide data and digital ad services for the Bloomberg campaign.

The advisory firm was headed by Gary Briggs, a former Facebook Chief Marketing Officer. Hawkfish also has a team of Silicon Valley veterans including former Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck, who now works for the firm full time. Other members of the advisory firm include former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer Maia Johnson, and Josh Mendelsohn, founder of Engine Advocacy.

The Bloomberg campaign says it is spending over $13 million on digital ads. This does not include hundreds of millions of dollars in television advertising. The campaign did not specify which races Hawkfish was working on. However, Hawkfish has been courting a wide range of progressive organizations.

Hawkfish has a long history of working with Mike, dating back to their time together at Apollo Global Management and MediaMatic. They also teamed up on Media Research.

Voto Latino partnership

Earlier this year, Steve Madden and Voto Latino announced a new partnership. The two will focus on voter registration efforts across the country. As a leading designer of fashion footwear, Madden has an eye for youth power. In addition to the partnership, Voto Latino is launching a new tech competition, the VL Innovators, to spur young Latino innovators. The winners will receive a training bootcamp at Google HQ, as well as connections to tech partners.

Voto Latino also launched a digital voter registration program, which tapped into the power of social media to reach out to voters. In partnership with the National Redistricting Action Fund, Voto Latino used social media to reach out to Latino voters and get them to the polls. They also registered 81,000 citizens, a number that surpassed their target of 75,000.

Voto Latino also launched the Somos Mas campaign, which aimed to register young people to vote. The campaign generated 15,000 pledges to fill out the census and received $150 million in federal funding for Latino communities.

Hedge fund investment

During Mike Bloomberg’s failed presidential campaign, he invested over $20 million in his own digital technology company, Hawkfish. This was the primary vehicle for the campaign, and it also worked with Democratic super PACs.

Hawkfish Mike Bloombergfunded Joe Mayschleifervox share a common interest in technology and entrepreneurship, which they have used to build successful startups. Currently, they divide their time between New York City and San Francisco.

They have also funded a marine conservation program called the Blue Water Program. Mike and Hawkfish have been working together since they met while interning at his previous company. They have since married, started a family, and launched a new company together.

Hawkfish Mike Bloombergfunded Joe Mayschleifervox provides a suite of tools for small businesses to succeed. They work with early stage technology companies, and have also invested in high-growth startups. They have secured debt financing to support their growth. Their company has been featured in CNBC, Time, and Forbes.

Hawkfish Mike Bloombergfunded Joe Mayschleifervox is also involved in other ventures, such as Joe Mayschleifervox Ventures, which is focused on early stage technology companies. They also provide investment advice to high profile clients.


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