Vodafone PUK Code

Vodafone is the largest network in the world. Vodafone offers so many services, it is difficult to get locked out. SIM cards can become locked if you repeatedly enter the PIN code. You cannot unlock your SIM card if it is locked by the Vodafone UK Code. This article will explain how to obtain the PUK code and what it entails. Vodafone PUK Code will allow you to unlock your sim.

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Guide to Vodafone PUK code

PUK stands for Personal Unblocking Code and was created by the misinterpretation of the PIN number. A PIN is an ‘individual identification number’. This number was used by the user for data protection and to protect private information from unauthorised users. While it is important to keep the information secure, in some cases you might forget your PIN number. This PUK code locks SIM numbers if they attempt to incorrectly enter the PIN number more then 3 times.

Method 1: Call to unlock Vodafone PUK – PUK Code Vodafone

Call customer service to unlock your Vodafone SIM card using a PUK code.

Step 1: Take down the SIM number details like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Backside of SIM card printed 15-19 digit SIM numbers

Step 2 Call customer care number 199 from a different Vodafone number, or +91 98298200200 from any other network.

Step 3 Pay attention to the IVRS system (Interactive Voice Response System) and select the option to get the PUK code.

Step 4 : Once you have selected the option to get the PUK code, your connection will be instantaneously established with customer service.

Step 5 Next, the customer service officer will question you to obtain the PUK code.

Step 6 Answer all questions and take down the PUK code that customer service has given you.

Step 7 To unlock your locked mobile, enter this code.

You can enter the PUK code if your phone does not display a prompt message.

Enter the following code:# (Enter your PUK number)*(New pin number)*(Again, new PIN number).

Method 2: Online unlocking of Vodafone PUK Code

Vodafone users can access their Vodafone PUK numbers online.
This procedure will unlock Vodafone’s PUK Code/PUK code:

Step 1 : First, visit the Vodafone official website.

Step 2 Login to your Vodafone account. If you don’t already have one, create one in the signup area.

Step 3 Enter basic information like your name, address, phone number and email ID.

Step 4 – Select one of the options to get the OTP. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 5 Enter your OTP and register to your account. If you have a locked phone, then select another option.

Step 6 You can receive the OTP to your email address by selecting the Email option rather than the phone option.

Step 7 Once you have created an account, enter the PUK details. You will then be able to get your PUK code from Vodafone.

To get your Vodafone PUK Code, you can either follow one of these two procedures.

After entering the PUK code to Vodafone, your SIM card will become permanently unusable and you won’t be able to retrieve your data or contacts.
You can now easily understand the PUK Code.

We hope Vodafone puk codes will help you unblock your SIM card quickly.


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